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Learn what other doctors are saying about Ocutouch

If you've had a great experience with Ocutouch or have great things to say about how it has changed your practice, please give us your feedback.

“I think Ocutouch is going to revolutionize patient education.”

—Jack T. Holladay, M.D.

“Patient education is a significant challenge for any eye care provider. For years I have been using a combination of slit lamp images, handouts and anatomy models to educate my patients about their ocular health and vision issues. This has worked, but with significant limitations.

Since adding Ocutouch to my practice, the patient education process has not only become easier and more complete, it has become quite a bit faster also. Now I can educate the patient myself or have the patient watch prepared presentations that cover all of their ocular health issues. Using a Tablet PC and Ocutouch has made the patient experience in my office better and has resulted in referrals by patients who are excited about their experience in my office.”

—John Warren, O.D.

“Ocutouch is a powerful, professional and effective method of enhancing patient understanding of their eyes. There is no better software, at such an affordable price to allow your practice to provide your patients information on eyecare.”

—Peter Rozanec, O.D.

“I researched several patient education software programs. I was really pleased when I discovered Ocutouch. It is a great tool for the exam room at a very affordable price. I use it for all my LASIK and CE patients. I purchased two keys, and am looking at getting a third. The program's waiting room presentations are awesome. I highly recommend this software.”

—F. Todd Perzy, O.D.

“Our staff has been very enthusiastic over the addition of Ocutouch. The optical dispensary in our new practice has a highly visible home theatre with a ten foot screen. The optical dispensing assistant (of Ocutouch) has helped increase the awareness and subsequent sale of anti-reflective coatings. Patients are much more inclined to use a computer progressive as a second pair once the see the demonstrated value and ease of use. The staff looks forward to using the prepared interactive seminars which are very easy to use and informative. The quality of animation is outstanding; the software design is also impressive and intuitive. Our normal day begins and ends with Ocutouch, we have different modules running in different areas of our practice depending on the need.”

—Norman Brandon, O.D.

“Ocutouch is extremely effective and saves me a lot of time.”

—Warren D. Cross, M.D.

“I have the program on my laptop and have it running all the time for patient education purposes. You did a really nice job with the pictures, narrations and animations. I used to use your physician - patient consultation illustrations all the time. Making the transition to your software was a piece of cake. It has so much more than just the illustrations could offer. Stephen, you have a happy customer. I look forward to implementing the software more widespread in the office.”

—Mile Brujic, O.D.

“I’ve been impressed by the content, graphics and speed of this system. Patients seem to like it, and it has been very easy to use. It has made consultations for refractive surgery easier, and it sends the right message about technology and our practice.”

—Stephen J. Dell, M.D.

“I wanted to write and congratulate you on your Ocutouch patient education program. It is the most efficient and effective way to thoroughly educate patients I have found in my twenty years of practice. Your animations are accurate and complete and are extremely effective as a critical adjunct to my patient education. Congratulations and my thanks for producing such a valuable and needed product.”

—Saul Ullman, M.D.

“Ocutouch is a great patient educational tool. The graphics are absolutely stunning. It is so much easier to explain things to patients using Ocutouch. We have it running in our reception area so our patients know there is much more to an eye examination than “which is better, 1 or 2?”

—David Rubin, O.D.

“This easy-to-use virtual assistant arrived in my office this week and I immediately saw the benefit this program would bring to my entire office. I immediately ordered software for 2 more workstations in my dispensary. It's a pleasure to use this application and patients really love seeing such beautiful renderings that so clearly illustrate their eye conditions. It not only saves chair time, but keeps my patients on track with the therapies that I recommend because they have a better understanding of what's going on. The Dispensing module blew me away with how easily it illustrates solutions to patient's most common concerns. Better than a lens center, this dispensing aid really shows the benefits of premium lenses and coatings. The easy-to-use interface means that my staff will use it, and my patients will be more enthusiastic and better informed about their choices. I have no doubt that this dispensing module will pay for the price of the entire package of programs in no time. What a great idea for an office! Thank you Stephen Gordon!”

—Sandra Bury, O.D.

“Ocutouch is the best patient education tool I have ever encountered. The graphics and animations are outstanding and easy for anyone to use. I found it hard to believe all the material included with this program at such a fantastic price: patient education videos, anatomic diagrams, waiting room material, and even optical dispensary demonstrations. This is a well conceived and beautifully executed product, one which every practice should own.”

—Arnold J. Levine, M.D.

“Ocutouch is comprehensive, captivating and you’ll want it too.”

—Guy E. Knolle, Jr., M.D.

“Just wanted you to know that we have enjoyed having the Ocutouch Consultation Animations in our practice. It is very easy to use and extremely effective for patient education. We haven’t tapped the full potential of all the presentations and look forward to incorporating them into our practice as we get more familiar with all the benefits your program offers. Never has the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” been more appropriate!”

—Andrea Langer, O.D.

“I’ve used Ocutouch. It’s quick, easy to use and our patients love it. I have also used it while serving as a defense witness in malpractice cases and found it to be extremely helpful to explain complex concepts to the jury.”

—Stephen S. Slade, M.D.

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